STANDEZZA Set castors with stopper STCW

Move the sit-to-stand desk around the office in an instant

To move the STANDEZZA sit-to-stand desk effortlessly around in the office, this STANDEZZA castor set with wheel stopper is the solution. The wheels can be used with height-adjustable sit-to-stand desks such as the Thermo Desk, the Omega or the Upsilon. The tables can be rolled smoothly through the office in search for the perfect place: the light might be better in another spot during the day or the employees in an open plan office prefer to move their desk closer together.

The castors are easy and quick to unlock and lock. The wheels will add an extra 6 cm to the height of the desk, which is a plus for taller users. The STANDEZZA castors are made of sustainable and strong polyurethane. The wheels will leave no marks on the floor (this in contrast to the cheaper rubber castors).

The wheels are easy to install: turn the sit-to-stand desk upside down, remove the level caps and use the supplied wrench to attach the casters. Put the desk on its ‘feet’ and the table is ready to roll.


Collections: Accessories

Type: Castor Wheels


With this set of castors the STANDEZZA sit-to-stand desk
can be swiftly moved around in the office
Material: sustainable polyurethane
Leave no marks on the office floor
Easy installation
The wheel stopper keeps the desk in place
Shipping weight: less than 1 kg

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