STANDEZZA Manually adjustable sit-stand desk


Height adjustability from 68.5 cm to 112 cm
Available desktop sizes 122 cm, 152 cm
Frame 80 x 50 mm
Weight 30 kg (without tabletop)
Maximum capacity 100 kg
Available colours white, gray, black

Choose your frame colour

All the STANDEZZA bases are available in black, gray or white.

Choose the material and the dimensions of your tabletop

There are two tabletop options: bamboo or HPL (high pressure laminate). Both tabletops are available in width 122 cm152 cm).

Choose your tabletop colour

The 100% organic bamboo desktops are available in two shades: natural and amber.
The HPL laminate desktop -100% made in Belgium- is available in four different colors:

black, gray, white and wood grain.

When you order 20 or more tabletops, you can choose from a wider variety of colours and patterns. You can find all the available colourse here.

Keep your desk tidy

Vertical or horizontal cable trays are practical accessories for a tidy desk. All computer, laptop, screen or telephone cables are securely protected and stored out of sight..

Opt for optimal ergonomics

Now that you're choosing to drastically change your way of working and starting a healthier lifestyle, you can further optimize your workplace by selecting some ergonomical additions to improve your posture and avoid aches and pains. To help you with this, STANDEZZA offers a selection of ergonomic accessories such as monitor supports, an ergonomic keyboardtray and the Ball-Chair, so you'll never hunch behind your desk again.

Do you want to sit less and stand more? Go for comfort!

Working for hours while standing in a comfortable manner is possible with an anti fatigue mat.The SANAPRO and iMovR anti fatigue mats reduce the stress of being upright on your back, legs and feet and stimulates proprioception; the continuously active re-balancing that ensures a better posture.

Our anti fatigue mats are made of high quality polyurethane, which does not wear nor curl or crack. Polyurethane is an antibacterial material, so the mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a little detergent.

The mobile desk

For more flexibility, STANDEZZA suggests castor wheels with a stopper, so the desk can be easily moved around in the office. The castors will add an extra 6 cm to the height of the desk, which is a plus for taller users. The STANDEZZA castors are made of sustainable and strong polyurethane. The wheels will leave no marks on the floor.

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