100% made in Belgium!

STANDEZZA uses HPL laminate (high pressure laminate) for the desktops of the sit-to-stand desks instead of the often-used cheaper melamine of other brands. At first glance, both materials look the same, but there is a huge difference in quality.

The HPL laminate, STANDEZZA uses for the desktops, is manufactured by compressing, under high pressure, several layers with synthetic resin impregnated paper. The HPL laminate is then pressed mechanically on MDF, chipboard or plywood. The average thickness of the HPL laminate is 0.8 mm. The HPL laminate is a hygienic and durable product, shockproof, resistant to heat, scratches and liquids. In contrast with the high quality of HPL laminate desktops melamine desktops are made of a single layer of decorative paper impregnated with resin or glue, with an average thickness of less than 0.1 mm, pressed on MDF.

STANDEZZA uses ‘core colored laminate’, a new way of laminating. This thoroughly colored laminate gives the STANDEZZA sit-to-stand desks a modern and smooth design with an architectural look..

Collections: Tabletops

Type: Tabletop

When you order 20 or more tabletops, you can choose from a wider variety of colours and patterns. You can find all the available colours here.



Available sizes 80 x 122 cm; 80 x 152 cm; 80 x 182 cm
Available colours white, grey, black, and woodgrain

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