STANDEZZA Ergonomic Keyboard Tray STKBT

To be able to work in a healthy, ergonomic way, it is necessary that keyboard and mouse be placed within easy reach of the user so that the user has a good view on the screen and keyboard. This position reduces the risk of eye, neck and back pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders, such as pain in wrists or elbows, can be avoided.
The keyboard can be regarded as the heart of a modern office, so it is useful to purchase a well-designed keyboard tray, which is beneficial for a relaxed and ergonomic posture. The STANDEZZA Keyboard tray can tilt 15° upwards and is effortlessly adjustable to the user’s preferred work position. It offers the consumer hours of comfort while standing, walking or sitting. 

Collections: Accessories

Type: Keyboard Tray


Dimensions: 635 mm x 250 mm x 18 mm
Adjustable with one button
Tilts 15° up and 20° down
Height adjustable and rotates 360°
Stows away easily under the table

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