100% organic, 100% trendy!

The STANDEZZA Bamboo desktops are 100% organic. Bamboo is a strong and durable wood. It's completely biodegradable and therefore an environmentally conscientious product. Bamboo is the perfect material to make eco-friendly, beautiful and high-quality desktops. The glue, which is used in the manufacturing of these desktops, is made of natural substances and formaldehyde-free. The use of bamboo for the STANDEZZA desktops can make a positive contribution to the environment. A bamboo desk fits well in a modern office as well as in a classical office setup.

The STANDEZZA Bamboo tabletops are easy to maintain: wipe clean with a damp cloth and a soft detergent and your workspace stays neat and tidy.

The STANDEZZA bamboo tabletops are available in two shades: Nature and Amber and in the following sizes: 78 cm x 122 cm, 7 cm x 152 cm and 78 cm x 182 cm. 

Collections: Tabletops

Type: Tabletop

Useful facts:

  • Bamboo produces highly efficient oxygen, it absorbs 35% more CO2 than other plants.
  • Bamboo is a grass species and grows rapidly: bamboo can grow up to 10 cm a day.
  • Bamboo requires little care and in appropriate circumstances it will be mature in 3 to 5 years.
  • Bamboo has a 100% natural growth and no additional watering is necessary.
  • In the production of bamboo pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers are not used. 
  • Bamboo with its unique root structure is an ideal crop to prevent soil erosion, as the roots remain in the soil after cutting and grow anew from these roots.
  • Bamboo has similar properties as hardwood, but with a longer lifespan.
  • Bamboo wood has no knots and is therefore more flexible.
  • Bamboo is 100% naturally biodegradable.

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