iMovR Ecolast Premium Anti Fatigue Mat - 61x91cm - Smooth STIMAT91

Standing all day isn’t a real pleasure: pain in your back, tired legs, sore feet, ... but with the iMovR Ecolast Premium Anti Fatigue Mat this will no longer be a problem. The high quality iMovR Anti Fatigue Mat will reduce the stress on your back, legs and feet, and proprioception (continuously active re-balancing) is encouraged. The pressure on the feet will diminish and pains will decrease.
The use of a good anti fatigue mat can even improve your balance. Our balance decreases as we age, due to many years of standing on perfectly flat surfaces. A good anti fatigue mat will optimize the benefits of your height adjustable desk, as you can remain standing comfortably for a longer period of time.

The design of the iMovR Ecolast Anti Fatigue Mat Premium -100% American made- is an ecologically conscientious product, made from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable polyurethane and is designed to last a lifetime. The antimicrobial surface of the iMovR Ecolast Premium Anti Fatigue Mat resists wear from scratches or stains, is resistant against punctures or tear and chemicals. The mat does not contain plasticizers or bad chemicals, nor does not it give off a bad smell. The mat is very light and easy to clean. The mat has gradually sloping edges at an angle of 20 °, so no one can trip over the edges and it is also easy to roll over with an office chair. The antiskid mat will not move on smooth surfaces or be pulled along by the wheels of a chair.

The iMovR Ecolast Premium Anti Fatigue Mat received a five-star rating by the experts of the Work While walking team. Read their review.

Collections: Anti Fatigue Mats

Type: Anti-Fatigue Mat


Eigenschappen unmatched comfort
Bevelled edge of 20°
Does not delaminate or curl at the edges
Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recyclable material
Easy maintenance
Dimensions 61 cm x 91 cm x 1.9 cm
Material 100% polyurethane without plasticisers

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